Second Generation Freight Experience

As a young boy, Carey 'Tiny' Dowd, began his career in the freight business on the dock of his father's trucking company. By his teens, Tiny was dispatching an entire fleet of trucks. Whether you watched him grow up or just recently met, you know when Tiny says "We'll take care of it", he means it. Years of combined experience have taught Tiny and his wife, Missy, what it takes to get the job done. With the September 2009 acquisition of NGAF into the Oakley P&D family, Tiny looks forward to Oakley/NGAF offering a broader service area to their customers, while maintaining the same personal service level he and Missy have provided the past. In his down time, Tiny enjoys working with his church mission projects and can always find time for some fishing or hunting with his sons.

Remember that Willie Nelson song, 'On The Road Again'?... that's Missy Oakley.
She just loves running her van up and down the highway. If you ask her about it, she'll laugh and say, "I love my van. It's my mobile office!" Growing up watching her mother own and operate a local Atlanta trucking company, Missy learned early on what it takes for a woman to succeed in the freight industry. "It's really not complicated," Missy explains,"Listen to what the customer wants and decide if you can accomodate. Make the commitment and then deliver-literally". Missy wants people to know that with the addition of the NGAF service area, Oakley P&D won't lose sight of their original service commitment. When Missy isn't on the road or working with her church family on various activities, Missy looks forward to family time with Tiny and their two grown sons.

Pat Churchill

Nothing comes between a boy and his dog…except maybe his Grandpa.

With a twenty-nine year career as a site manager for hydro generator installations, Pat Churchill has travelled extensively throughout North and South America. When he joined North Georgia Air Freight ten years ago, Pat brought a management mentality and a dedication to service that co-workers and customers have come to rely on. "The career change was a good decision," Pat will tell you, "I'm pretty lucky. I like what I do and I get to spend more time with my family".